Seifert Leadership Coaching

A life-long learner at heart, Vanessa Seifert shares her passions for leadership development and mobilizing human potential as she guides individuals and organizations on their developmental journey.  To learn more visit Seifert Leadership Consulting.

FiveTwo Network
The FiveTwo Network provides support and training for Christian entrepreneurs. To find out about their Locals, StartNew Incubator and O2 Conference click here.


Rustic MAKA® is a family-owned natural personal care company, dedicated to work towards reclaiming your well-being. To find out more about Rustic MAKA click here.

Immanuel Lutheran Church and School
Immanuel Lutheran is a premier private school for preschool thru 8th grade in the Macomb, MI area. They are also a Lutheran Church and have been supporting the Macomb community since 1853. They are currently building a new recreation center for the entire community and a new school to house their state of the art education. To find out more about Immanuel’s church & school click here.


St. Isidore is a Catholic Community where all are welcome, living and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.  St. Isidore’s focus is to Connect with God, Reach others and Build community. To find out more about St. Isidore click here.