Amanda Herr, President, Founder
Herr Company, LLC

When Amanda Herr, President & Founder of Herr Company, walked away from her position as Vice President of Advertising Sales at CNN, many people thought she was quite possibly…insane. 22 years of developing marketing & media plans for multi-million dollar companies like Chrysler, GM, P&G & Ford boiled down into a 2 week notice? Those that know Amanda however knew that this was not insanity, it was visionary. Promoting herself from VP to President, Amanda created a company that is focused on providing the same marketing & media expertise she was known for on the national stage to Michigan entrepreneurs and small/mid-size businesses.

Herr Company, LLC has grown to include media planning & placement, marketing, event planning, web design, graphic arts, and sales training.

We know it’s not just about finding an audience, it’s about creating brand advocates. Call us today to schedule a consultation.